Twenty Three

Yup, I am totally stealing Matt’s format for birthday blogs. I cannot believe another year has passed by. The past year has had its share of ups and downs, and I am grateful for all the experiences over the months. I secured my second job with Automattic, in April, and that’s probably the best part […]

Uber's example of proactive customer support

There are two kinds of customer support. Reactive customer support Proactive customer support When you help an user fix their problem once they reach out on email, phone, SMS, or any other medium you offer support on, that’s reactive customer support. On the other hand, when you identify product loopholes and reach out to the […]

Making Mastodon my new home

I have a vague memory of coming across the name Mastodon in the past, but I never cared about it until I read this post by my colleague at Automattic. For those who are not aware of what Mastodon is, it’s a social networking software that anyone can download and install – thus creating a […]

My two new favorite WordPress app features: Free photo library, Save for Later 📱

My two new favorite WordPress app features: Free photo library and Save for Later. With the free photo library, you can access 40000+ CC0 images for free. With “Save for Later”, save posts to read later, even when you are offline!